Similarweb Launches Beta of SimilarAsk™ Leveraging AI

SimilarAsk is the first digital intelligence assistant of its kind, and will enable users to get critical business questions answered easily

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Similarweb Ltd. (NYSE: SMWB), a leading digital data and web analytics company, today announced the beta launch of its SimilarAsk™ AI assistant, allowing customers to unlock valuable insights from Similarweb Digital Data using natural language queries. SimilarAsk is the first digital intelligence assistant of its kind, created by integrating Similarweb’s proprietary digital data and its solutions with large language AI models (LLMs).

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Similarweb powers business decision-making by providing business leaders the ability to see the entire digital landscape in near real-time through its research, marketing, sales, ecommerce and investing solutions. Similarweb enables its customers to be the first to discover and capture the best business opportunities, and to stay alert for and react instantly to emerging threats to their businesses.

“Using SimilarAsk will be like working with the world’s most effective and talented market researcher, strategy consultant, and data scientist combined in one, with ‘instant result’ capabilities,” said Or Offer, CEO and Co-founder of Similarweb. “By combining our unique Similarweb Digital Data with the world's best AI models, the possibilities for us to create value for our customers are simply amazing,” Offer added.

Similarweb Digital Data is vast and Similarweb’s digital suite is feature rich. Users who have mastered the user interface can navigate through multiple menus and screens to find the answers they are seeking, but SimilarAsk can shortcut that process. Particularly for new users, the ability to type in a question and get an answer can shorten the time required to obtain the insights they can use to understand the competitive landscape and how to improve their own digital performance.

SimilarAsk was developed to provide Similarweb users with enhanced discoverability of relevant and accurate insights. The advanced AI assistant surfaces critical insights more easily for customers to increase their value extraction and productivity, and to accelerate their decision making.

“The launch of SimilarAsk 1.0 Beta represents a transformative step forward for the future of Similarweb’s offerings,” noted Benjamin Seror, chief marketing and product officer of Similarweb. “Our speed of product development and revelations of new insights will reach new heights as we power the discoveries that LLMs can make with our data,” Seror explained.

The launch of SimilarAsk will occur in two phases, with 1.0 Beta released this week, and 2.0 following soon. SimilarAsk 1.0 Beta speeds access to existing insights within Similarweb’s solutions by answering business questions in just a few clicks and keystrokes. SimilarAsk 2.0 will be a dynamic feature that surfaces new insights not readily available within Similarweb’s solutions.

Similarweb customers can work with their sales representatives or account managers to get access to SimilarAsk 1.0 Beta and gain the competitive advantage it offers.

More information on the creation of SimilarAsk along with further details on its development are available on Similarweb’s corporate Updates blog:

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