Similarweb Sales Signals Alert Sales Teams to Timely Opportunities

 Monitor every company you want to sell to. Receive alerts so you can time your outreach perfectly.

TEL AVIV, Israel & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Sales Signals, a new feature of Similarweb Sales Intelligence, gives sales teams the visibility they need to capitalize on opportunities before they slip away.

Success in sales often comes down to timing. Without timely knowledge of windows of opportunity, sales teams risk missing out on potential deals or losing to competitors, hindering their ability to achieve their aggressive sales growth targets.

Sales Signals lets sales teams create their own luck with the help of alerts to let them know when opportunities or threats arise in their target market. By staying abreast of signals in target accounts like staffing changes, technographics, website traffic and engagement, and more, sales teams can make rapid decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

With Sales Signals, sales teams can find the right leads, at the right time, and get the insight they need to deliver the right message.

“For several years, sales teams have relied on intent data alone to find prospects searching for new vendors – but sometimes by the time they’re searching it’s too late because they’ve already settled on a vendor of choice,” Similarweb CEO Or Offer said. “With Sales Signals, we can help sellers find opportunities earlier, when buyers are giving off passive signals of a change in their business. Signals like media coverage, website traffic increasing or decreasing, or a company is adding or removing technologies from their website can be clues that the timing is right.”

EX.CO, the publisher-first video platform, is an early user. “Sales Signals empowers me to stay ahead of the competition, enabling me to monitor the latest additions to a publisher's adtech stack. Thanks to their daily alerts, we remain at the forefront of industry updates, ensuring our company stays up-to-date,” says Gabriel Bruck, Corporate Development,

Setting up Sales Signals up is simple — define a target audience, choose the signals that matter to you and set the alerts come to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency. This video demo shows how. Sales Signals is part of Similarweb Sales Intelligence. Learn more at:

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